RENTAL FEES: Minimum of 3 hours per event rental. 

You receive 60 minutes before event start for setup and 30 mins after event for cleanup, at which the coordinator will be there to inspect.


Monday-Thursday Rental $125/hr

Friday Night Rental: $150/hr

Saturday Rental: $150/hr

Sunday Rental: $150/hr

Tables & chairs are provided free for all rentals.

Food Policy - Only caterers who are licensed and insured can supply food for the venue, we will ask for their information to be sent to us, if you are not using any of our approved caterers.

Alcohol - You may bring in beer and wine only. If you are serving other than beer or wine you must hire a bartender with RAMP certification and insurance, we need this information to be provided to us 2 weeks prior to the event.

You are required to clean up all decorations, food, & trash.

Call us to Book your event/party or to make appointment to see the event space

215-913-4050 or [email protected]


Insurance Certificates


The following list of caterers are ready to help you make this event....If you have a caterer you want to use, please let us know.

(all caterers must be licensed and insured)



*Refundable $100 clean up/damage fee due 15 days prior to the event. It will be refunded to the customer immediately following the event upon inspection of the space, equipment and property. Note, if the space is not cleaned and/or there are damages to any equipment/property, the customer will forfeit reimbursement of the cleanup/damage fee and will be billed the balance if the damage exceeds the cleanup/damage fee.

*$150 REFUNDABLE DATE SECURE deposit. Note: this will not be refunded if date is cancelled.

*$50 Non-Refundable Cleaning Fee - for mopping of floors and cleaning bathroom. And making sure cleaning for next rental.

* If your party is going strong and you need more time, please call your coordinator 1 hour before your end time to request  additional hours (which will be billed at per additional hour rate.)All parties done by 11pm, no exceptions.